Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review of Lei Liang's CD Brush-Stroke on

An Emerging Force to be Reckoned With! - September 4, 2009

By William A. Verdone (NYC)
Lei Liang's music is completely captivating and this listener can only wish for more of his music to be "out there." The 10 compositions on this CD are magnificent, and for me in particular, the one called "Brush-Stroke," is an 11 minute masterpiece! The tonalities he uses, the evocative mixtures of sound and voice, spun in a gossamer web of nuance, then creating an eruption of sound - then "vanishing into the void" is nothing less than brilliant! "Serashi Fragments" is uneasy music, full of darkness, mystery, and drama, and is a "tour de force" in string composition, incorporating Bartok pizzicato's, glissando's, and amazing harmonics. As I mentioned before, Lei Liang is an up and coming dynamo on the Contemporary Music scene, and all of us who enjoy his music, his compositional style and orchestration, and his superb musicianship look forward to more exciting and truly original pieces written for a variety of instrumental combinations. I, for one, will always sing his praises, promote his music, and will make it a point to attend concerts where his music will be featured. Listen to him, and you will be musically rewarded. An emerging force -- indeed!

William A. Verdone

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